The Gift Of Prophecy Analysis

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The Southern Work

The Gift of Prophecy

Daniel Cardenas

“Sugar and milk combined are liable to cause fermentation in the stomach and are thus harmful” Christian Temperance and Bible Hygiene p. 56

The writer Ellen G. White recommended at the end of the 19th century to avoid this combination as much as possible:

"About milk and sugar, I will say the following: I know people who have been frightened by health reform, and have said that they did not want to know anything about it, because it spoke against the copious use of these things. With great care, and we must act cautiously and wisely. We need to follow a behavior that recommends us to the intelligent men and women of the country. The large quantities of milk and sugar ingested together are harmful. Communicate impurities to the organism. The animals of which a cow can be apparently healthy in the morning and die before the night, in which case it was sick in the morning, and it 's milk too, but you did not know it. If we
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At the end of the nineteenth century, it is not uncommon for a woman to warn of diseases caused by milk... except that it was not because of the milk, but because of the bacteria that lived there (mainly tuberculosis and brucellosis), since pasteurization Was extended until some time later. So that milk with bacteria and sugar (food highly available and highly digestible by bacteria) that is a dangerous food that allows the multiplication of these bacteria, which should normally die from the acidic pH of the stomach but this effect is neutralized by the alkalizing of milk. The love of spiritual matters, we must regulate our way of life, not to take animal food, and use cereals, vegetables and fruits, as food items. " WHITE, E. G. An Appeal to Mothers, p.
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