Mathilde And Della Comparison Essay

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Lesson 3 Writing Assignment: Literary Analysis
Two Characters: Two Ways of Thinking.
Mathilde, from "The Necklace" and Della, from "The Gift of the Magi" might have many characterisitics in common, as well as they might have committed acts for resembling causes. While one of them was obsessed by money, the other just wanted one to have a better life, showing love for her family and living. They have many similar aspects, as well as they have many different ones. Those similarities and differences can be seen and analyzed mentally, physically and emotionally, and the way they behave and change throughout the story can be also compared. Both characters were very simple, and aspired to have a better life, and nevertheless, their mentalities and thoughts were also very different, as it will be seen in the analysis.
One of their similarities was that both Mathilde and Della had very miserable lives. When living conditions are precarious, many people imagine themselves living life in another way. In a luxurious way, as does Mathilde, who lived in the lower middle class. She wanted to have a glamorous and luxurious life, while Della just wanted to have a better life, but not with exaggeration or ostentation. Della used to have a very simple life, since she lived with eight dollars a week. The character from "The Necklace" wanted to have money and jewels
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As it was seen, both were beautiful women, had a husband, and were good people. In the beginning of the story, Mathilde was not, but throughout the narrative, she turns out to be one. Therefore, it can be said that those two characters had their differences, however, their main characteristics
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