The Gifts Of Imperfection Analysis

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Dr. Brene Brown’s writing, The Gifts of Imperfection is a piece of work that focuses mainly on how an individual seeks to live wholeheartedly. From the outset, the title of the work stood out as quite a thought-provoking contradiction which made me wonder how an individual finds the ability to view their imperfections as gifts. In business or in life as a whole, we all aim to be perfectionists and at times, we are limited by our short-comings i.e. imperfections, so how do and why would we embrace them as gifts? She suggests the remedy to this is letting go of who we think we’re supposed to be and embracing who we are. In her research, Dr. Brown spent a substantial amount of time critically analyzing and trying to define what it is to live whole-heartedly.…show more content…
Brown expands on 10 methods which she classes as guideposts to this whole idea of living wholeheartedly. These guideposts range from letting go of what people think, letting go of the idea of perfectionism, letting go of numbing and powerlessness, letting go of comparison and letting go of being cool and always in control; just to list a few. Many if not all of these guideposts are applicable to situations we face in life as a whole and teaches us many useful lessons regarding business ethics. Business ethics can be simply defined as written or unwritten codes of principle and values that govern decisions and actions within a particular organization. It basically sets out a distinction between corporate acts that right and those that are…show more content…
This poses a major barrier when those in positions of newly earned superiority are faced with making a choice that could have an effect on all parties in the business. It may even occur in instances where an individual is faced with discrimination. This is where the writer suggests that our development of courage plays a pertinent role. It allows us to muscle up a sense of bravery and confidence in the course of action we decide to take while having little to no regard for the perception of our onlookers. An area that ties into decision making in business ethics is whether that decision will be beneficial to all those who have a vested substantial interest in the outcome. Courage also plays a significant role here because individuals at times attribute success to doing everything on their own or being self-sufficient. Sometimes the lack of courage to ask for help or even a second opinion causes business people to make poor choices which in turn negatively affects those with an interest in the
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