The Civil War: The Gilded Age

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The Civil War is a historical consciousness with a revolution from 177-1783. This was a war that determined the nation. It was the war that declared that all men was created equal with equal rights to liberty. According to Roark, J. L., Johnson, M. P., Cohen, P. C., Stage, S., & Hartmann, S. M. The Gilded Age was a period in which enormous economic growth and ostentatious was exhibited. During this period of the nineteenth century this group of entrepreneurs developed the working. This was following the American Civil War. The American Civil war begun in April of 1861. This war was due to uncompromising difference, power, territories, agricultural economies and incompatibility between the northern and southern. This war had such of an effect…show more content…
Schurz said the “blacks would need federal protection, land of their own, and voting rights until whites can lose their past”. The 14th amendment was put into place because it granted all persons born in the U.S naturalization. Which also dealt with voting rights. This brought about the 15th Amendment which prohibiting states from depriving any citizen of the right to vote because of their race, color or previous conduction of servitude. Later manifest destiny became into place it is the belief that the United States had a “God-given” right to aggressively spread the values of white civilization and expand the nation from ocean to ocean. This was dictated toward the Indians and other nation. The Indians were removed from their land so the reservation system came into play. Which was granted by the U.S. government. It states that land is given by the federal government to American Indians beginning in the 1860s. In the attempt to reduce tensions between Indians and western settlers. Following the war when land was being discussed dating back to 1840 when the overspread that expanded civilization. This involvement of territorial aggrandizement and progress of liberty brought about economic opportunity. The Dawes Act was latter introduced The Dawes Act was passed the 8th of February 1887. It divided up reservation and gave allotted parcels of land to individual in severalty to Indians. The reservation on various granted individuals parcels of land rather than members of tribes. The Civil war brought a great impact to the American people, despite the six hundred thousand lives that was lost. Emancipation Proclamation which granted freedom to the salves, but it was not until a hundred years later that they were actual set free. The reconstruction which was considered to be one of the most turbulent and controversy time in the American History. But yet
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