The Gilded Six Bits Character Analysis

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In the story, ‘The Gilded Six – Bits’ revolves around the two main characters, Missie May and Joe. They both reside in a predominantly black neighborhood or community. Joe works at G and G Fertilizer. He is the one completes the financial duties. Missie May, wife of Joe Banks, runs the household. As the story unravels, we learn more about their personalities, mannerism, and their relationship. Hurston does not reveal much about their physical features. In the beginning of the narrative, Joe and Missie May are the happy and loving couple who are deeply in love with each other and have a sense of “young love” and they love to engage in banter with each other. Joe, the loving husband of Missie May, always showers her with…show more content…
Slemmons. Even when Joe has not come in contact with Slemmons he is still heavily affected by him and his status. Since, we had a positive image about Joe, it is shocking to learn that he was almost obsessed with Otis D. Slemmons after he acquires the knowledge of him arriving into Eatonville. Later, when he comes home he talks about Slemmons to Missie May and grumble about the finest clothes he owns, gold coins and the girls he goes around with, furthermore, he admires him which is ironic, because we the audience, know that Missie May cheated on him with Slemmons but when you go back and read Joe talking about Slemmons obsessively, it seems like him wanted to be Slemmons. Why did he react this way? He became materialistic, which was complete contrast from his positive, big hearted Joe. What we learn about Joe is that he is very superficial, he is charmed by Slemmons and easily fooled by people’s façade. Consequently, the conflict intensifies as Joe intends to show of Missie May to Slemmons in the opening of the ice cream parlor. In the text he says, “Go ‘head on now, honey and put on yo’ clothes. He talkin’ bout hos pritty womens- Ah want ‘im to see mine” (Hurston 730). This quote proves the point that I made in the previous
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