The Girl In Blue Book Report

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In the year 1861 the Civil war started. The Confederates and The Union fought, thousands of men and women died and America was torn in two.The Girl in Blue, by Ann Rinaldi takes place in 1861 when a girl by the name of Sarah Louisa Wheelock runs away from home, disguises herself as a man and joins the Flint Union Grays, a regiment that becomes a part of the 2nd Michigan Infantry. Sarah wanted to help the Union, however women were not allowed to fight, only become nurses, so Sarah disguises herself and goes by the name Neddy Compton. Throughout the book Sarah is constantly battling with herself, trying not to be found out to be a girl until the unexpected happened. This book highlights some of the main parts of the Civil war and what it was like during that time.

Ever Since Sarah had read Fanny Campbell, the Female Pirate Captain, she swore she would never let a man control her life and to fight bravely . However when her abusive father wants to marry her off to a rich man she has no choice but to leave and run away from home. Sarah’s family worked on a farm, raised
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Sara described Washington DC as busy and divided. Trades men went to DC to sell goods and some were from the north and come were from the south. In Washington, the majority of people supported Abraham Lincoln, but others thought that his choices for this war were misguided and wrong. However, Sarah thought that Lincoln was doing his best with decision making and that slavery shouldn 't have existed. The women Sarah was “working for” revolved around slavery and Lincoln’s poor choices. It was thought that because Rose Greenhow was so angry she was aiding the south by giving them the north’s information. Sarah was to try to stop the information getting out and finally get Rose
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