Character Analysis: The Girl On The Train

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Paula Hawkins is a British author, best known for her thriller novel The Girl on the Train. It is a complex thriller with the themes of subjugation, domestic violence, and alcohol and drug abuse. Paula is in a difficult situation to publish her novel and it becomes a popular one unexpectedly. Her other novels are The Money Goddess, Confessions of a Reluctant Recessionista and Into the Water. The researcher wants to analyze the psyche of the protagonist Rachel’s depression in the male dominated society.
The plot revolves around the main characters Rachel, Anna, Megan and Tom. Women achieve a noteworthy part in the novel which provokes the researcher to approach the novel in the feminist point of view. Rachael is a 32-year-old alcoholic
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Tom does want Megan to abort her own child, but when she refuses he kills her. Rachel quests for Megan but fails in her attempt. Rachel later learns from Tom that he was the cause of her death. Anna is frightened about her daughter’s life and her security. Rachel stabs Tom with a corkscrew. Anna helps Rachel to be sure that he dies from the wound.
Self-defense is a need for the womanhood in the modern scenario. Though Rachel senses nostalgic about her preceding life, she overcomes the troubles being a single woman in the male-dominated society. She tries to cope up with the society without disturbing her ex-husband. Even though she feels lonely, she doesn’t want to interfere with Tom’s family because she was aware of the family bonding.
Trains are powerful symbols for motion. Ever since the Industrial Revolution, trains have been moving people and cargo across the world. In contrast, the novel, The Girl on the Train, Rachel tries to change her life in a diverse track in all her problematic conditions. She turns into a murderer only because of Tom, his cruel behaviour and male dominant nature. A solitary woman wins in the

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