The Girl On The Train Character Analysis

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Have you ever imagined what it is like to see the world, a single person or an event with different lenses? When two or more people have different opinions about the same person or event, it is like they are seeing a certain situation through different lenses, with different points of view. For example, Rachel thought that Megan was a model or a fashion designer based on how she looks and Anna thought that Megan was a very bad person because she killed her own baby, while Megan in reality, did not kill anyone. Tom also thought that Scott, Megan’s husband, was a bad person because he had been drinking enormous amounts of beer recently while Scott has had problems at home. The theme “People have different opinions about the same people and events”…show more content…
However, all the characters, in both movie and the book, are connected to each other in one way or another according to a film reviewer, Owen Gleiberman (sec. 3) It is very hard to make up characters with such distinct personalities, so Hawkins used the people she met for inspiration. A journalist from RandomHouse has conducted a Q&A interview with the author asking her what was the inspiration for the characters. In response, Hawkins replied “None of my characters is based on any one person, but they may share traits with people I’ve met” (Sec. 2). Paula Hawkins used some of the traits of many people she has met to develop the characters with different personalities and different points of view in her book, The Girl on the Train. According to The Guardian, Hawkins’s The Girl on the Train is closely related to Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn (Sec. 3). Hawkins is very proud of that statement because she thinks that Gone Girl is an amazing book. The Girl on the Train is the first book Paula Hawkins wrote under her real name, and it is very successful since this book is a major motion picture now days. At the end of the book, Rachel and Anna help each other out to defend themselves and the baby from Tom, thus they got along, although they had very different opinions about Tom in the very beginning. Through this, Hawkins showed the readers that if they and an another person have different opinions on the same person or an event, they will most likely combine them together at the end and work to solve a major problem that may be in the way of the success. The Girl on the Train will probably be read by many readers throughout the next 5 years because it is such a major book, which means everyone who has read it liked it and recommended to their friends and
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