The Girl Scout Mom Character Analysis

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1. The Girl Scout Mom The mother claims to promote “feminism” and is under the impression that she is helping Shala by forcing her to take off her hijab. In reality, she is not only portrayed as a hypocrite and a “child” but an intolerant and close-minded person who does not understand why Shala wears a hijab or what it represents. While Shala is indeed embracing her own womanhood by wearing a hijab, the mother thinks otherwise.
2. The Hijab Shala’s mother’s speech only adds to the fact that intolerance and discrimination towards Muslims was common in the United States in that time period. “… do you represent yourself now as a Muslim woman in this country where Muslims are not like you, Shala” implies that the image of a Muslim (and the hijab itself) in the US is not only inaccurate but comes with negative depictions. Shala is then bullied because of her decision to wear her hijab, which
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Taylor Bryans Taylor Bryans represents a character that is “ripping” everything away from Shala. She has become a target, no longer just another student. He is attacking her because he is intolerant of Shala’s religion and may feel intimidated by her. On the other hand, he may be putting on a “tough” act to attract her attention or because he may be jealous of her to an extent.
4. “Saint Chola” All of the harassment and bullying has taken its toll on Shala who is not only starting to show signs of trauma but begins to change into somebody else. Shala is approached by Saint Chola who she likely finds comfort in as she (Saint Chola) has also likely been discriminated against in the past. When Saint Chola offers to beat up her tormentors, Shala envisions an entire encounter and while she knows that it would do nothing to help her situation, she sends Saint Chola to do it anyways. This shows a transformation in Shala’s character as she seeks revenge and stoops down to her bully’s level. This is all caused by the intolerance of her peers and the stress it has put on
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