The Girl Who Fell From The Sky Analysis

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Understanding is how humankind learns to prosper in modern-day environments. It shapes the decisions we conceive, the actions taken, and how to present ourselves preferably. Unfortunately, these single stories that were acquired to understand, are in fact doing the opposite. Humans know less about one another than ever before, because of the single stories, our society believes they already know everything about each other. We place these single stories on ourselves and each other, while assuming everyone’s lives are following them and no one differs. For characters: Rachel, Laronne, and Grandma Doris in Heidi W. Durrow’s book: The Girl Who Fell From the Sky, are a few examples of single stories being produced for oneself and others which is often a factor of understanding and belonging in society or mindset. After spending only a few months in Portland after the accident with her family in Chicago, Rachel is learning why she is not the same as anyone else. Rachel however, because she is biracial had…show more content…
Humankind requires knowledge and understanding to feed the endless curiosity that haunts our species. These single stories become dangerous when they begin to form in our minds as the real truth, and it needs to be controlled by true education and true understanding about the world around us. Which in most cases, people do not reach the real truth due to pure laziness and ignorance. For truly understanding one another, we need to go out of our way to learn of our differences, not only about what is spread by the single stories around for generations. Whether someone creates their own single story or society pushes one onto them, it is humankind’s responsibility to capture a real understanding of what is being told, therefore anyone can belong in any situation, and discrimination could finally be put to
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