The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon Analysis

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The girl who loved Tom Gordon is a novel by Stephen King that tells the story of a nine year old Trisha McFarland, whose Saturday afternoon outing with her mother and brother turns into an absolute nightmare. Trisha has begun to feel invisible whenever she is around her mother, Quilla, and her brother, Pete. Quilla and Pete have been arguing continuously since Quilla moved to Maine and got a divorce. In the beginning of the novel Trisha finds herself ignored as usual. During the outing Trisha’s mom and brother start fighting and tired of listening to them argue Trisha leaves the trail to goes in the forest to go to the bathroom. In her time in the forest Trisha realizes that she wondered too off from the trail and she can't find her way back.…show more content…
I really liked how the author was very descriptive and I could imagine exactly how she would look like or how Stephen king described a situation. “Trisha came down on her neck and slid that way, legs spread, arms waving, screaming in pain and terror and surprise.” (King 55) I was told not to pick a Stephen King book from a friend of mine because he said they were weird and creepy. I think weird and creepy is my thing. I like how Stephen King made this story sound like it was actually real. In the story I’ve read so far they were stories that sounded like a big fantasy. In life we are given so many obstacles and that is what Trisha faced. Having her deal with things like that would likely happen if you really got lost in the forest. It felt like Stephen King himself witnessed this nightmare. “Halfway out, something moved under her. She looked down and saw a fat snake slithering through the leaves.”(King 24) Stephen King also included family matters into this and I thought it was a great touch. He included in his story that Trisha’s family was divorced. At the end Trisha brought her family closer. Sometimes people don’t realize how important family is until you are put in a situation that makes the whole family work and depend on each other. My favorite thing about this novel is how Stephen King mentioned god in the story. In the beginning you that Trisha is not a firm god believer, but when she had

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