The Girl Who Pushed The Hornet's Nest Street Violence

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The 2009 Swedish series The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, The Girl Who Played with Fire, and The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest directed by Niels Arden is a three-part drama film that depicts the violence on women. The types of violence are street violence, sexual violence, and arbitrary violence which many of these involve Lisabeth Salander. The film stars are Michael Nygvist who plays as Mikael Blomkvist, and Noomi Rapace as Lisabeth Salander, the protagonist. Although there is a lot of violence, the violence in a way enhances the film. The first act of violence is street violence. When Salander passes through the subway she encounters some morons who attack her, she tries to protect herself and finally she defeats the guys. The men do not have a reason why they beat Salander which are many cases in the film. In addition, Salander has been ruled as a mentally incompetent since a child, therefore she is assigned a guardian. After her guardian dies, Salander is assigned a new guardian, Nija Bjurman. Bjurman, a sexual sadist pig as Salander puts it, manipulates her to perform oral sex on him for money, and at the next meeting, he beats and rapes her. Later in the film, Harriet who Nygyist and Salander search for, is found and she explains the truth about her disappearance. That is, her father and her brother has repeatedly raped her, she kills…show more content…
Salander discovers that her father has been plotting against her and she searches to find him. Once Salander finds her father things go left, and she is shot in the head by her father and buried alive by her brother. Violence is inherent in the Zalachenko family. Too, the Vanger family exemplifies violence by the way the men rape and treat those girls. There are the continuous acts of violence against women that is enable by men. As noted above, women do not have any control and they have taken advantage

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