The Girl With A Baby Character Analysis

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The Girl with a Baby

1. My favorite character would be Jane who is the main character of this book. The reason for this is because of how she goes through tough moments and still is able to get through it. For example, how she lost her mother and she is the only girl with the two brothers. Her two brothers are troublemakers who don't care about anything and have dropped out of high school. On the other hand, Jane is a good person who always keeps her grades and has a high reputation to everyone. However, Jane is not a perfect girl who makes mistakes but still learns from them. This would be the reason why she would be my favorite in this book.
2. Qualities of Jane that strikes me as a good characteristic to develop in myself would be how she learns from her mistakes and gets through rough moments in her life. The reason for this is because when I have a test the next day, I stress about it without doing anything that will help me for what is to come. Instead of studying the material of what I need to know, I worry the whole day knowing I have to pass the test
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If I was an English teacher I would recommend this work because of how you can relate to it. Jane who is the main character in this book is 14 years old which is near the same age as us students. She goes through similar stories in life which make it more intriguing to read. Jane learns that organizing her day with the drama club, homework, and the baby is not an easy task. She learns that she is overwhelmed with everything that is going on in her life. Moreover, she starts to get more comfortable in her new life and appreciates what she has. Instead of yelling at the baby and getting angry at Destiny, she starts to love her baby and tells herself that everything will be alright. This book was not difficult to read but it was a story that teaches you lessons on how to combat problems in your life no matter the size. As an English teacher, I would recommend this work to be for a recreational book
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