The Girl With A Pearl Earring Analysis

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The Girl with a Pearl Earring by Johannes Vermeer
The Girl with a Pearl Earring is a beautiful masterpiece just like other paintings of Jon Vermeer, the Dutch Master. It is unique because of its specific Dutch technique and style. This uniqueness distinguishes the work of Jon Vermeer from all other artists in the Golden Age of Dutch art. Vermeer used his specific techniques like pointillism and classic features such as blue and yellow to focus colors, yet The Girl with Pearl Earring comprises many qualities of technique and has such a striking theme that separates it from all other paintings of time.
Artists History Jon Vermeer started his career in Delft, Holland. The society consisted of 25,000 people. At that time, Europe was changing immensely and Holland was in the Golden age. The political situation was stable, the economy thrived and as a whole, the society flourished (“A study of Reason, Breakthrough, and Tendency”). Just like most of the other painters of that time, Vermeer also portrayed religious themes picturing sacred or moral scenes in condemning inactivity and dissent. The earliest painting was entitled Christ in the House of Mary and Martha (“A Study of Reason, Breakthrough, and Tendency”). Young Vermeer joined the Guild of St. Luke as a mater painter in 1653. The guild contained craftsmen, artists, painters, glassmakers, carpet weavers, and fellow art dealers of all kinds. In 1662, at the age of 13, Vermeer earned the title of “Hoofdman” or “syndic” for
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