The Girl With All The Gift Movie Analysis

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A Movie Worth Watching or Not Eyeing?
With so many horror movies becoming cheap cliches and uninspiring, this movie is able bring a new formula to the equation. The Girl with all the Gifts is a horror film taken place in a post-apocalyptic England. An adaption written from the book by Mike Carey, directed by Colm McCarthy, and stars Gemma Arterton and Paddy Considine. In a dystopian world ruled by flesh eating “hungries”, the story begins with children going to school at an army base being taught by Helen Justineau. They are experimented on by Doctor Caldwell for being “hungries” that are able to act and think like humans. This film does an excellent job at presenting the plot through interesting concepts in an concise form. The special effects and story are able to bring a sense of immersion to the film. Delivering enough suspense to keep the audience’s attention. Despite there being few interesting characters that push the story along, The Girl with all the Gifts is an exceptional movie. The Girl with All the Gifts has very few characters that become memorable throughout the movie. At the very beginning when introduced to the main character,
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Despite the lack of characters to get attached to, the film presents concepts and ideas that are seen in many other scary movies. The effects were raw and disturbing, providing a tense atmosphere to an audience. A horror film should be able to keep the viewer on the edge of their seats while providing a concise plot. Zombie movies don’t tend to explain for why the epidemic exists, but the fungus explanation of this film is an interesting perspective taken. Although I believe certain parts of the movie need more explanation and depth, it does a good job to keep the attention of an audience. Because of this, this movie is a decent pick that should be recommended when looking for a decent horror film to

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