The Girl With Bangs Analysis

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“The Girl with Bangs” “The Girl with Bangs” was written in 2001 by Zadie Smith. Smith was born in 1975 in London, England. At twenty-one, she wrote her first book called White Teeth. Soon, her work took off and won many awards such as the Whitebread First Novel Award. She continued to write more novels and short stories and they were soon a sensation. Zadie Smith’s, “The Girl with Bangs” takes place on a college campus during the 2000’s. The protagonist Charlotte Greaves, was around twenty years old and had bangs that drove the narrator crazy for her. Charlotte always looked undone and was not the most intellectual person. She always had a “LOOKS LIKE SHE’S THINKING ABOUT SEX ALL THE TIME”, which held very truthful because she slept with whomever she wanted to.…show more content…
The conflict was between the narrator and herself. She knew the girl was not good for her but she did not care and wanted her anyways. She could deal with all of her annoying qualities because she loved the way she always looked. The other conflict I saw was Charlotte cheated on both the narrator and the boyfriend, Maurice. Although this did not arise too much because Maurice still married her even after knowing about the affairs and after she rebelled and shaved her head before the wedding. Again people are attracted to people who are not good for them. “The Girl with Bangs” contain many symbols. The first symbol I noticed was the bangs. Bangs can represent a couple of ideas, the first being sex appeal. This is because it draws attentions to the eyes and eyes is the number one feature of attraction. We are naturally drawn to people with big eyes. Bangs help to enlarge the appearance of eyes. Because bangs cover your face and eyes sometimes, they could also be interpreted as your trying to hide something. In this case both Charlotte and Maurice had bangs; they both had affairs they were trying to
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