The Giver: A Dystopian Society

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Have you ever dreamed about a world that is perfect, not just for you, but for everybody. Such an amazing thing doesn't really exist. The Giver is a book about a dystopian society. It's a future world where the people in charge are trying to make a perfect community, but no place can be perfect. There world is similar to our world, but there are many differences too. In this community everyone has a family but the families are not related and the are put together by the people in charge. There is also very little freedom in this community, people are constantly being watched and they rarely get to choose what they want to do. Additionally they have no outside world, its just them in there community, no animals, and no other people that they…show more content…
There is a mother and a father who are put together by the committee of elders, but to be put together they have to sign up. Then they can apply for kids, kind of like adoption. Then one day they will be given their first child, a boy or a girl that is already named and around 1 year old. Then after 4 years they will get another one of the opposite gender. They are never related because the children come from specific women who are assigned the job as a birthmother, who give birth to the children. And then those children are given to specific families. Textual evidence comes from the book in chapter 6, page number 43, where it says, “The first Ceremony began right on time, and Jonas watched as one after another each newchild was given a name and handed by the Nurturers to its new family unit. For some, it was a first child. But many came to the stage accompanied by another child beaming with pride to receive a little brother or sister, the way Jonas had when he was about to be a Five.” This is different from our world today because families are not put together by the government, first a man and women will marry each other out of love not choice. Then they will maybe one day choose to have kids of their own. Although having a choice in choosing who you love and when to have kids is nice, it would sometimes be awesome to have a world without divorce, loneliness, arguing, and kids without…show more content…
There families are put together by the government and they are never actually related, also they have no aunts and uncles, grandmas and grandpas, or cousins. The people have very little freedom, they are constantly being watched and if they do one little thing that is wrong they can get punished severely. They cannot go anywhere past their community, nobody has ever been out there and nobody knows what's out there. Even when nobody knows what's out there, there really is no out there. If you were to travel far enough like Jonas did, you would find barren wilderness. You would find jungles, deserts, etc. But the one thing you would never find is people. There are no people, or anything man made outside of the communities. These differences can make our world look like a Utopian society and a dystopian society. And I would much rather live in our world

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