The Giver And The Truman Show Comparison

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What would you do if you lived in a controlled community where you have no choices? I will be writing about The Giver and the Truman Show, comparing and contrasting both. First the characters or symbols, then the setting. The Truman Show is a movie inside a movie. The Giver is about a controlled community but a boy named Jonas soon becomes the Receiver and he learns the truth and tries to run away. First, the characters have comparisons during each of their movies, Truman is confused because he doesn't realize that he's in an act and so therefore he thinks everything that's happening is real when it's really not. Jonas from The Giver is confused on why they get no choices and why he was chose to be the Receiver and some other different things. They are also different because Jonas isn't confused because between reality and fake but also sort of…show more content…
Red symbolized love and passion in The Giver but also Truman likes this girl Silvia who was wearing red so therefore that could symbolize love. There is water in the Truman Show and a river in The Giver and both represent death, one, because someone dies from water in the Truman Show and two because water just symbolizes death in The Giver. There are planes in The Giver and they symbolize danger and a stage light falls out of the sky on the Truman Show as I said he was in an act and didn't know and that could represent danger, danger as in this isn't real I suppose. Then, the setting. The setting also differs and relates to one another in the Truman Show and The Giver. There are bikes in the Truman Show and there are bikes in The Giver but there are cars in the Truman Show and no cars in The Giver. The Truman Show is also a somewhat controlled community but rather the Truman Show is an act inside of an act or movie inside of a movie. Both Truman and Jonas had parents and Truman was an only child, and in The Giver there were only allowed 2
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