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Context for Learning I teach 6th grade. The community surrounding the school is identified as suburban, totaling a population just under 27,000. The school is identified as a parochial school, with an overall goal to ensure that all facets of a student’s academic and faith have a chance to grow. The school population is composed of 133 students between grade levels 5th-8th. My classroom contains a total of 13 students: 6 female and 7 male students. I am accompanied by one female aid in my classroom during my Language Arts and Mathematics courses. Currently, I have one student, male, who is identified as having a learning disability. Additionally, I have one student, female, identified as an English-Language Learner.
Knowledge of Students
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Students require preliminary understanding of elements of an identified text/story (e.g. plot, conflict, climax, resolution, etc.). The learners should be able to close read the text, take analytical notes, make predictions, and create an opinion of the text. Additionally, students should be able to justify comparisons and personal opinions. Students will write a synopsis of each character, identify main events, and information important to the overall development and understanding of the story. The novel, The Giver, is a superlative example of character development, it provokes opinions from the students on philosophical issues surrounding the structure of human…show more content…
I chunked the text chapters, for assigned reading, to discuss topics and characters at specific and appropriate times. Scaffolding will be utilized to aid students in understanding the development of the text. For example, the class will begin with large group discussions lead by the instructor, slowly as the book advances students will discuss topics/characters with small groups, each student leading a different character, and we will end the unit, with the class discussing the reading lead by the students. The instructor will do limited discussing, letting students share ideas with their peers and building ideas off one another. Finally, all materials that are presented to the class contain an image to direct students’ attention to important details. This symbol has been utilized throughout the school year, so students are aware of its purpose prior to this lesson. To specifically aid the English Language Learner present in my classroom, the student will be supplied with a diagram of the story framework and additionally summary notes of each chapter to aid her while independently reading. More so, to aid the Special Education student in my classroom, the student will be supplied with a diagram of the story framework and annotated notes of the text chapters. Both specialized learners will receive electronical notes of group large group discussions, taken

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