The Giver Book And Movie Analysis

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“ 'We gained control of many things. But we had to let go of others. '" That was said by The Giver in Lois Lowry 's book, "The Giver". It 's like he was describing a movie adaptation of a book. When you change a book to a movie, you lose some good things, but you gain others. In "The Giver" the movie, there are many changes and lost scenes, but there is also wonderful additions that you can see and hear now, such as music and the character 's expressions. While the movie is not a facsimile of the book, it’s still really good. Many things such as color, landscape, sounds, music, character’s expressions, and more played a huge role in the novel and the movie, but they played different parts in each. Music and the character 's expressions were things that made the movie better, by putting focus on the mood of the story and showing important things the community is missing. Music is different in the novel and the film, and it affects them both in different ways. In…show more content…
In closing, you can see that music and the character 's expressions affected the movie by focusing on the mood of the story and demonstrating some of the important things that the people in the community don 't have. Music was used to show the mood of the story throughout the movie. It was also one of the things that the people in the community didn 't get to enjoy. While it had a major role in the movie, it was only a minor role in the book. Music wasn 't really mentioned in the novel. In the novel, you had to imagine the character 's expressions. In the movie, they showed you how the characters were feeling. It showed how they didn 't have deep and real emotions. It also demonstrated how emotions were another important thing that the community was missing. The character 's expressions and music played key roles in the film adaptation of the book. They made the movie better. Although the movie is missing some minor scenes, you can see that it gains many great things that make it
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