The Giver Book Comparison

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Whenever somebody reads a book they will most likely want to see the movie. You may think they are the same but sometimes they are not. One example of this is Lois Lowry’s The Giver and Phillips Noyce 's production of The Giver., They may follow the same plot but they are quite different in the portrayals of Jonas, the portrayals of Asher, and the ending. The first way the movie differs from the book is the portrayals of Jonas. Jonas in the book gets his job and goes out when he is only 12. But in the movie, he doesn 't get his job until he is 18. Also, the way he is marked is different in the book he has pale eyes and in the movie he has a birthmark on the wrist. Lastly, he is a lot more rebellious in the movie he steals a
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