The Giver Book Report

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The Giver has, so far, has the characters: Jonas, Lily, Asher, Jonah’s Father, Jonah’s Mother, and the Elders. Jonah is a nice kid, but is scared of the future. Lily is energetic, fun, and chatty. Asher, from what I know, is a troublemaker, and a class clown. Jonah’s Father is understanding and compassionate about newchilds. Jonah’s Mother is not quite as talkative as his father, but still loves Jonah and Lily just as much. Finally, the Elders are kind of creepy in the sense of how they “watch” everybody. The Giver is a really intriguing book so far. There are many questionable elements to it, but overall, I believe this book will explain everything later on. The whole age calling, and the “groups”? Why are parents given a child, instead
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