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The Giver Everything is the same even the color of everything is in back and white, no body has freedom of their own and everything is controlled by the government. In the book The Giver written by Lois Lowry, a twelve-year-old boy named Jonas lives in a futuristic community where everyone and everything is the same everywhere you look. Jonas is selected to receiver memories from the time before their community. The community is named Sameness because everything was the same. People saw things the same because their eyes had been made to see only in black and white. Once Jonas receives memories from the Giver of past experiences and memories from the time before him, he notices that his community is wrong about how to live life because of this, he goes to a high extent and leaves his community. Life in the book, The Giver, is a communistic government because everything is the same, there is no diversity, and the citizens have no choice because the government makes…show more content…
In the community that the boy named Jonas lives in, the community is named Sameness, and it is called that for a reason. In the community everything is the same even the was people think or feel towards other people. Also in the community that Jonas lives in, the government has made that there is no diversity among people, places, or things. That means that everyone has the same color skin, the same color hair, and even the same types of possessions. All of this pushed 12-year-old Jonas to the limit. It pushed him so much that he had to escape his community and leave. The reason why he left his home, his family, his friends, and his life was because his community was like a communistic government or maybe even worse. He did not agree or like his community for the same reason he left it because the community had a communistic government that controlled everything and

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