The Giver By Lois Lowry: An Analysis

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Usually in science fiction they make an ideal world, but during the book you find that it 's really not too great. Imagine living in a world with no color, no choice, and a place where individuality and freedom has been traded for sameness and security. In The Giver the community seems perfect, but when you look more into the community you see all the cracks. The Elders tried to make it better by not having colors, or feelings. This ended up making it worse because people couldn 't be themselves. The Giver by Lois Lowry is about a perfect community, but throughout the book the reader realizes it is a dystopia. One reason that the community seems perfect is the ceremony of release. This ceremony is performed on Elders, twins, and people who break the rules three times. The ceremony of release is a different way of saying to kill people. During The Giver Jonas is selected to be the Receiver of Memory. During his training Jonas asks to see a video of the release. The giver shows Jonas and Jonas realizes what it means. “His head fell to the side, his eyes half open.” “Then he lay still.” (140) Jonas never knew what release was until he saw the video of the twin being released. Jonas begins…show more content…
One last reason that shows the community is a dystopia is the fact that they have no emotions and cannot feel anything. In the community the people have no emotions, the feeling of love and death is oblivious to them. “ I liked the feeling of love he confessed” (119). This was Jonas 's first reaction to love. Jonas now realizes that love is a feeling that is good, but no one else could feel it in his society. Jonas did not like that he had to keep this to himself because everyone else in the community would enjoy it. Although when Jonas was given the memory of death, he did not feel good. Jonas did not like the memory and was glad he didn 't have to share it with anyone else. Even though there were some bad memories, Jonas still wanted to share the good ones with the

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