The Giver Character Analysis

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Even in the darkest times, people still show how they can care for others. This theme reflected in both stories, The GIver, by Lois Lowry, and Junkyard Wonders by Patricia. In The GIver and Junkyard Wonders, both stories include a caring relationship between two characters that help and look out for each other.
In The Giver, even when the times get dark, people still show how they care for others. In a small community a young teen, Jonas, realizes over time after he gets the job ‘The Giver’ that the society is not what everyone thinks it is. For example, when there are twin born the the community the one that is average weight or the healthiest. And the other baby gets killed by the government. Or if one of the elderly gets to old or is not as healthy as then should be, ten they kill them also. So once Jonas realizes all of this he is very caring and helps the Giver and baby Gabe. So they are not killed, or so they don 't have to grow up in a place of lies. This is important because this is a big part of the book. How Jonas saves The Giver and Baby gabe so they don 't have to suffer in the community.
In Junkyard Wonders, even when the times
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I see that the review from School Library Journal says and “agrees that amazing things waiting to be made into something new. It 's clear that she sees her class the same way as she divides them into tribes and urges their creativity”. That is another example of caring in this story. Mrs. Petterson Inspires them to have hope that they can be something. When you 're in a dark place, times can get hard. You can always remember, there is someone who will help and care for you. Everyone has been through a hard time in their life at least once, so they can understand when it gets tough. In both The Giver and Junkyard Wonders, the characters can go through some dark times, but in both books, they are still able to show how they can care for others. Even when they can be stuck in a hard time they can still find a way to care
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