The Giver Community Analysis

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In the Giver, Jonas lives in an utopian community. There is no war, no fear, and no pain. There is no hunger. Everything is under control. That sounds great, but the citizens don’t realize that they live in a world with no color, choices, or love. They don’t know anything about color, choices, or love. Would it be better to live in a perfect world with sameness, or an imperfect world that has ability to be perfect at times? This utopian community is great from the point of the Elders that control the community. The loss of diversity is beneficial because everyone is equal. If everyone is equal, no one will think that they are better than each other, resulting in no war. Sameness prevents war, pain, and sadness. Therefore, The elders of the community can control safety, population, stop pain, and keep peace.…show more content…
Jonas feels sad and lonely that The Giver and Gabe are the only ones he can share these great memories with. The community Jonas lives in can’t experience many great memories that he can. Sure there are bad memories, but to experience the good ones, they have to experience the bad. Jonas feels that he has to make a change to his community. He will not let himself be a bystander to many, many innocent people getting released each year. Jonas has real feelings, unlike his community, and he knows he has to make a change. Jonas’s enthusiasm inspires The Giver to help Jonas make a change too. The Giver believes that they just might be able to do it. In Jonas’s community, they don’t have the freedom of expression. They can’t choose their fate, it is all decided by elders. The elders select certain people for certain jobs once you are a twelve. The elders choose a match for you if you wish you wish to start a family. If the couple wants to select a child, only certain baby names are available. The baby name also has to be approved. Without choices, what is
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