The Giver: Comparing The Book And Movie

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The Giver In the Giver book and movie there were a lot of similarities and differences between the two and here are just a few. ¨The Giver¨ book and movie had similarities like with mostly Jonas and some other things too. In the beginning, Jonas´s name was chanted by the community when he became the Receiver at the ¨Ceremony of Twelve¨. In ¨The Giver¨ Jonas, save´s Gabe from the community and leaves with Gabe. In The Giver Jonas tried to give his friends the memory of color but In the book Jonas tries with Asher and In the movie Jonas tries with Fiona. When Jonas Is with the Giver and he learns about release his father kills the child in both book and movie. Near the end of the movie Jonas decides to make a plan all though in the book he does It with the Giver and In the movie Jonas makes the plan on his own. In the Giver, I think the main similarity was that Jonas received all of the same memories from the Giver. In the book and movie of The Giver, there were also differences between the two.…show more content…
Jonas, he was a twelve in the book [ceremony of twelves] and In the movie, he was 18 years old.In description Jonas, The Giver, and Gabe had pale eyes in the book. In the movie Jonas, The Giver, and Gabe all had brown eyes not pale but dark. When Jonas leaves the community with Gabe in the book Asher didn 't know he left and didn 't do anything. In the movie, Jonas and Gabe were stopped by Asher controlling the drone and tried to ¨stop¨ Jonas and then helped him get away. At the end of the book, it doesn 't give enough description to see if Jonas and Gabe survived and actually saw the sled and the house. In the movie Jonas and Gabe were in snow and then Jonas fell because he was so cold then woke up and found the sled and the house filled with music but we don 't know if he got up they could all just be a

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