The Giver Courage Quotes

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In the Giver, Jonas is waiting to become a 12. Which means he is a 11.Jonas finds out that he is the next receiver, but along the way he is becoming very courageous young man.The setting is a time in the future in a unknown . In the novel The Giver by Lois Lowry,the protagonist Jonas shows that he is very observative , he also has the ability to see beyond, and the stress that makes Jonas change mentally. A character trait that Jonas has is that he has blue eyes but he doesn’t know. Jonas is a very courageous and studious young man. Jonas shows that he has courage when “I’m brave I really brave. I really am” (Lowry 82). The quote shows that Jonas has just been told he would be the next receiver,which means there will be a lot of pain. Jonas…show more content…
Jonas first sees the color red when he is throwing an apple with Asher his best friend, and he pays attention a lot in school. A quote that shows that Jonas has the power to see beyond when “‘You're beginning to see the color red’[The Giver said]”(Lowry 89).The quote shows that Jonas is starting to see the color red. A quote that shows that Jonas is very observative when “‘We are all aware that Jonas has been a top student throughout his school days.[The Chief Elder said](Lowry 59).This shows that Jonas is a very observative young man. The problems in the this story are that Jonas is apprehensive about his ceremony of 12,and he also sees a baby get released. A quote that shows that Jonas feels that he is apprehensive is when “‘It's almost December.’Lily looked up, her eyes wide . ‘The Ceremony of 12’”(Lowry 11).Jonas is becoming apprehensive because his ceremony of 12 is coming soon. A quote that shows that Jonas sees a baby being released is when “‘he killed it! My Father killed it’”(Lowry 141).This quote shows Jonas what it really means to be released. The theme of The Giver is do not believe everything you see. Do not believe that the world you live in is perfect. I think this are the themes because Jonas believes everything he sees. Also Jonas finds out that his world is not a perfect as he
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