The Giver Dystopia Research Paper

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Is The Giver A Utopia or Dystopia

What would you do if you had a chance to live in a virtually perfect world? A world with no pain, suffering, or hunger? This essay will explain that this “perfect” world might not be what it’s hacked up to be. It might just be a dystopia in disguise. The Giver is a book about just that. It’s based in the future, in a community with a forcefield that “protects” the people inside. I think the society that The Giver is based in is a dystopia, which is a virtually imperfect world, disguised as a Utopia, a virtually perfect world. I will prove in this essay that The Giver is in fact a dystopia in disguise. The first fact that I would like to present is Jonas’ society has restricted access to information and independent thought. This is shown in Document D, “True Happiness”. In this document, Jonas is shown in the house of the old bathing an elderly woman. Suddenly the elder starts talking about how she had a ceremony of release (which is revealed later to be death). She recalls it as a joyous time with smiles
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In this document, Jonas is frustrated because he wants to see all of the colors that he is missing out on. He explains that he would like to choose what he wears in the morning. He also explains that the choice of a color that he would like to wear isn’t important; it is the right to choose that he wants. Then the Giver asks him what would happen if he made the wrong choice, not on a shirt color, but on something with great consequences. Jonas answers and says that, on second thought, it is too dangerous to have the right to choose.This shows the absolute absence of choice. The community is ruled by their chief elder and the elders, and there is no escaping it; the way Jonas was afraid of choices after it was explained that it would be dangerous. This means that they have no way of knowing that what the elders and chief elder are doing is wrong. Being afraid of the power to choice is all they
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