Chapter Summary: The Giver Vs. Modern Society

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PL.1 Embedded Assessment 2.1 The Giver VS Modern Society How is the society of The Giver really that different from being a modern day society? When people try to create perfect societies, it creates mayhem! Our modern day society is far from a perfect society in the novel The Giver. While appearing perfect, Jonas’ society has many rules and laws under the surface that make it much more dangerous than modern day society. Rules are different in Jonas’ society from ours. In Jonas’ society the rules are very strict. As shown in The Giver is precision of language is a very strict rule. One day when Jonas was three, it was snack time and his best friend Asher said “I want my smack” instead of my mid day snack. The mistake was …show more content…

One role to become a leader that stands out in the society is jobs, when citizens turn twelve the committee of Elders make a sacred job selection to be announced at the ceremony of twelve. The committee of elders have been observing citizens since their birth. They keep an eye on why ever you go, for instance, where they volunteer,and there intellectual strengths (Lowry 14-15). Another difference is the fact that there is no individuality, and every choice for them is made by the elders. Even to the smallest bit of information is controlled as they only allow 2 books that include of the rules and a description of every office, factory, building,and committee.(Lowry 74) Only people with power in their job can have more access to more knowledge than others. In our society we have access to libraries, which provide knowledge. The Giver and are modern society have many things in common, but also have huge differences. When it comes to families, rules,and how leadership works many things can’t be compared. The illusion of Jonas’ society being perfect is far from the truth. Maybe our comparison should be best kept in the gutter as we don’t need to be as cruel as jonas’ society

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