The Giver Essay Theme

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The themes from The Giver that I will be covering are the treatment of Birthmothers, the absence of free-will, and and the importance of love.

The Giver is an award-winning book by Lois

This book is about a “perfect community” where you are given your job, your spouse, and your children in hopes that this community would be perfect and peaceful.

Some jobs are considered very important and therefore you are honored. There are also jobs that are considered “not honorable” like Birthmothers.

Birthmothers are like housewives. This word is defined as a woman whose main occupation is staying home and caring for her children.

In the 1950s-1960s this job was viewed the same way as it is viewed in The Giver, unhonorable. In my opinion,
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I feel like he could have chosen a better career.

If we all had choices made for us we wouldn’t couldn’t learn from our mistakes, it would be difficult to express yourself, and you’re never truly mature until you’ve been immature.

“A ship in harbor is safe- but that’s not what ships are built for,” -John A. shedd

What can’t be taken by thieves, or broken by sword?

In The Giver, emotions are bad, in fact you are given pills to numb them! Love is considered dangerous because with love comes hate, which would break the utopia.

In this book, it makes it clear that humans are emotional beings. Lowry explains that emotions are part of the human expirence.

The community lacks empathy. They value the precision of language because it limits emotions and keeps the people from standing out, making everything calm and even.

Another way they limit emotions is through the telling of dreams, where they try to steer you away from feelings.

Love plays an important role in our lives. It can’t be broken or stolen, therefor making it one of the strongest emotions you can feel.

I think that love is the strongest force in life. It changes people more drastically than any other emotion, Love even overpowers
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