The Giver Hero's Journey

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“’She skipped me,’ Jonas thought sunned” (57). Jonas didn’t know why, but the Chief Elder had skipped him and he was so embarrassed. Little did he know however, that his journey as a hero was about to begin. Jonas must walk through pain and danger. He must rely on support from the Giver and he must become mature, in order to complete his journey to heroism. The whole community had gathered to find out what the assignments would be for the twelve year olds. The chief elder had skipped Jonas while going through each number. After she finished the assignments she looked at Jonas and said, “’Jonas has not been assigned’, she informed the crowd, and his heart sank. The she went on. ‘Jonas has been selected’”(60). It was now that Jonas was informed of his duty as receiver of memories. Jonas was forced to leave his place of comfort and leave the safe world that he had been in up until this point.…show more content…
He had to face the trials of his new job. He must complete the task that were give to him. This meant accepting memories that were both joyful and painful. He also had to overcome the fear of being the receiver which wasn’t always easy for him. “Jonas did not want to go back. He didn’t want the memories, didn’t wan the honor, didn’t want the wisdom, didn’t want the pain. H wanted his childhood again,his scraped kneesand ball games” (121). Instead of focusing on this doubt however, Jonas picked himself back up and went back to The Giverto continue doing his job. The Giver was the one who assisted Jonas’ journey as he was receiving memories. The Giver was the only one who could relate with Jonas and understand his pain and also his happiness as he received each memory. Wihout The Giver, Jonas would have not been able to complete his task. Although it was The Givers job to give relate painful memories to Jonas he also tried to give Jonas happy memories even giving him his favorite memory of grandparents and
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