The Giver Live In A Dystopian Society

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Do you ever wonder how life is in utopian or dystopian society? Well, Jonas, the protagonist in The Giver, Lived in a utopian society. On the other hand, Harrison Bergeron, the protagonist in the short story ¨Harrison Bergeron¨, lived in a dystopian society. In a utopian society, everyone is the same. They cannot do anything compared to what we do. They are basically in jail in our eyes. In a dystopian society they live in a world like we do. Everyone is different and they can live free.

As we already know, Jonas lived in a utopian society. Also we know there were strict rules in a utopian society, such as they could only use a certain language. In the story the author explains how Jonas tries to express his feeling but cannot because the he cannot think of something appropriate enough for the society to say. For example in the story it says, ¨It was not what he was feeling now with December approaching. He searched for the right word to describe his own feeling. Jonas was careful about language.¨ (The Giver 1) Why could they only use a certain language? As of now, in The Giver, Jonas is somewhat liking the society he lives in.

After reading ¨Harrison Bergeron¨ we can infer that he lives in a dystopian society. In the story everybody tries to make their society into a
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In the second paragraph the quote explains how it is hard for Jonas to speak because he has to think of the right words to say, because in a utopian society you can only use certain languages. In the third paragraph, the quote states how a utopian society turned into a dystopian society in a matter of minutes. Just think how different it will be in the future. Imagine if the world gets so bad that we have to live in a utopian society. In the months or years ahead i think we should all work together to keep this society better and not have to live in a utopian
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