The Giver Movie And Movie Essay

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1. No, the characters in the movie don’t visually look like the characters describe in the book. Asher didn’t look as it was described by Lois Lowry. The book said Asher was 12, but in the movie he looked like he was like a college student. Lois Lowry described him as a funny kid, and I was guessing in the movie he would be funny. Though in the movie he was a serious kid, and he followed the rules. He was so serious, he tried to stop Jonas from getting in trouble. Also, Asher refused to go down the arch on the food tray because he didn 't want to break the rules. 2. Jonas’s conflict with the rules in the movie were not as evident in the book. In the movie, Jonas broke the rule of not touch anyone out of your family unit. He tried to give Fiona…show more content…
There were many differences between the ending of the book and the ending of the movie. In the movie, Jonas had to pass a long pole to release the memories. The memories did pass through the whole community, and Fiona wasn’t killed. Though in the book, we never know if the community got the memories Jonas had. Also in the movie, Asher came and dropped Jonas into the river pretending he killed him, but in the book, Jonas had to hide from the heat sensor planes that were not controlled by Asher. In the book, Jonas gave Gabriel the memory of the sun to survive the cold weather, but in the movie, Jonas and Gabriel just kept on going and going. Lastly in the movie, Jonas reaches the house and started to hear music, but in the book, Jonas heard the music but never reached the house. 4. I liked The Giver book better than The Giver movie. Lois Lowry took her time, and the book flowed really well. Also, the book was more detailed with all the important parts. The movie on the other hand, lacked with details, and skipped important parts. I felt like the movie was rushed, and going too fast. Hollywood also added things that were not needed and unnecessary like the kissing scene. The movie was also offset with some parts like, Asher being a pilot when he is supposed to be an assistant director of the rec.
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