Compare And Contrast Essay On The Giver

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Book and Movies are like apples and oranges. They both are fruit, but taste completely different. - Stephen King. What this quote is saying is that scenes that show up in the movie, will most likely show up in the book. But sometimes they could be totally different in what happens in those scenes. Throughout the novel and film color and dialogue had showed up. Colors, and dialogue are both a big part of the novel / film, but they are also different.The film version and the novel "The Giver" were similar in dialogue because in both they really affect how the people in the community react to situations that happen, and they were different in colors because this had affected how the people saw their community . In the novel and film "The Giver" the element of Color had showed up, but this element is similar and different in many ways. In the novel "The Giver" by lowis lowry in chapter 12 it states, "The next time had been the faces of the audience at the auditorium, just two days…show more content…
They both used the two elements in the book/movie, but they had used them in a different matter. In the book the people that talked sort of like a robot due to have no emotions, eventually gained the emotions later on in the book. But in the movie the people of the community didn't really get any sort of emotion in their speaking until the very end when Jonas broke through the memory boundary. Also, the thing that was used the same was the color and how the people of the community didn't really see color. So as you can see the author and the writer of "The Giver" had both used the elements of color and Dialogue, but have used the Dialogue different. They used it different in how the people talked, and felt, and when they received
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