The Giver Movie Vs Movie Essay

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Book and Movies are like apples and oranges. They both are fruit, but taste completely different. - Stephen King. What this quote is saying is that scenes that show up in the movie, will most likely show up in the book. But sometimes they could be totally different in what happens in those scenes. Throughout the novel and film color and dialogue had showed up. Colors, and dialogue are both a big part of the novel / film, but they are also different.The film version and the novel "The Giver" were similar in dialogue because in both they really affect how the people in the community react to situations that happen, and they were different in colors because this had affected how the people saw their community . In the novel and film "The Giver"…show more content…
In the novel on page 154 of "The Giver" by lowis lowry it states, "The worst part of holding the memories is not the pain. It's the loneliness of it. Memories need to be shared.” I choose this quote because it talks about that the reasoning for not sharing the memories with other people. These memories are holding all the different kinds of emotions that none of these people have. When the people talk in this community they almost sound like robots because if the have no emotions in them, then that means they can't react to things. Like if they were to see someone dying, they wouldn't be able to do anything, because they won't know how to react to it. This was also happening in the movie, with the connection between Fiona and Jonas. For example, Jonas had feelings for Fiona, but Fiona didn't really have any feeling for Jonas due to not having any sort of emotion. The significance of my point is to show you why Dialogue is a big part of a movie/book. Dialogue develops the main point of a character, and how they react to things said, or even things saw. Without the dialogue in the movie/book, there would be like no
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