The Giver Quotes

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(AGG) What would you do if your friends and family were cold blooded killers, wouldn't you want to leave your society also? (BS-1) Jonas questions nothing about his society and does whatever someone tells him to in the beginning of the novel. (BS-2) Jonas’s change in positions allows him to start asking questions in the middle of the novel. (BS-3) Jonas rejects his society completely at the end of the novel.(TS) Jonas rejects his society because all of the relationships that he had, were broken down once he got his assignment. (MIP-1) In the beginning of the novel, Jonas goes along with everything in his community, questioning nothing.(SIP-A) Jonas obeys the Speaker and does whatever it tells him to.(STEWE-1) When the plane flew over the community…show more content…
Jonas’s trust in his father is lost to him.(STEWE-2) When the Giver tells him that people release the Old also he says “She is very efficient at her work, your red haired friend. Jonas wrapped his arms around himself and rocked his own body” (Lowry 153). Jonas is bewildered because Fiona loved the old and still released them. He could no longer look at the people in the community the same way. He is revolted that so many people he knows are killers.(SIP-B) Jonas rejects his society and abandons the Giver’s plan because society is trying to take away the only person he loved.(STEWE-1) When Gabe could not sleep soundly without Jonas the Nurtures decided to release him even his father “I voted for Gabriels release” (Lowry 165). Jonas’s own father is trying to take away the only person that he still has a relationship with.(STEWE-2) When Jonas hears that Gabe is going to be released he wants to save him. “all the things they had thought through so meticulously ~ fell apart. That night Jonás was forced to flee.”(Lowry 163). Gabe is Jonas’s last remaining relationship in the community(CS) Jonas rejects his society because it takes away his
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