How Does The Giver Create A Dystopian Society

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The giver came out in 1993.This book by Lois logway gave us a society and not like is society it gave us a dystopian society was that when kids were 14 instead of having fun and playing video games and not worrying about work, They had been giving jobs and elders(a person of greater age than someone specified.)Had to pick the jobs and have look at them grow up since they were born. Hats one difference from our society from there’s. Jonas and the giver gave us a view of their society and now we 're going to compare it our society what’s the difference what’s the same.

In the book, the giver baby was checked and was taken care of until they were ready to be sent to their new families and they would never meet their mom’s real moms, one thing to add is that men and woman get there suppose chosen by the elders. And then when they were 14 they had the ceremony of 12 were there the elders and everyone from there community came together. They say the 12 get their job chosen by the elders, the community had a ton of jobs like engineer, assistant, and director of recreation, caretaker
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Then at age 18 the finished high school with a diploma they go to the real world. They all go to different paths but they can start working at age 17 they go get better jobs and study to become a lawyer or doctor but some people just work at burger kings. After that, they have a girlfriend or boyfriend the relationship grows and once they ready they get married have kids and have a family and happy ever after is most of the

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