The Giver Rules Analysis

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Rules Discussion Jonas’s community is a very ruled based community that focus on “sameness.” People in the community never actually experience harsh or unique experiences. Jonas lives in a community that focus on shielding their people from pain, suffering, or negative things. I believe that some rules are socially acceptable such as riding a bike before age 9, because they are things that don’t completely ruin a child's character or thought process. Riding a bike is something simply for leisure and can actually be sued as a bonding process for the siblings. Things such as hoarding food, not wearing ribbons neatly or at all before age ten, and using correct language are more strictly set because these are things that build a child's character…show more content…
Each one in some way equally defends every American. The first amendment is very significant because our voices and beliefs are what influences how the world works and how we live. The fourth amendment is significant because it rightfully protects someone from being searched without reason. Although this is something that is not followed often I strongly believe that it should be honored and respected. The fifth amendment is very significant. As a future lawyer, I believe that each human being on this earth, not just Americans, have the right to defend themselves and not be forced to bring themselves down. The eighth amendment is something that I am very passionate as well. Even though many people everyday are wrongfully thrown into jail and punished unlawfully, it is a right that every man or woman is entitled to have. The tenth amendment is significant due to the fact that the people who are being guided by the government should have a say in who they want to guide

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