The Giver Sameness Analysis

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Imagine a world where everyone has to be the same and your choices are made for you. Jonas is a twelve year old kid who see 's thing that no one else can. Jonas wonders why everyone is the same and why its bad to be different. Jonas realizes what nobody else does, and that no one can see color but him and The Giver, and see memory 's. Jonas is loving, caring , and wants to help the community by taking bad memory 's but he also helps them in another way too. Sameness is a negative thing for many reasons. Sameness is a negative thing and this paragraph shows a reason why. Your in a community where if your different its considered a crime. If you 're anyway different you would be released. If you did not follow the rules or looked different,…show more content…
A reason why that sameness is a bad thing is when in The Giver it shows how when the twins were born, Joan 's father had to kill on of them because they would be to confusing. It shows that the community can 't do things on their own and if their different than everyone else or they look a like they suffer from bad consequences. Nobody can trust there own opinion and independence. If you thought that was bad wait until you hear this you get assigned spouses. The negative thing about being assigned a spouse is that you actually don 't love the or care about them. When you would have a dream about wanting something (stirrings) and wanting them to do something to you, you would have to take these pills so these dreams would stop. The reason for this is because the community gets to pick wether you get a spouse or not. It shows that the community does not want anyone to make their own decisions and by making decisions, they would start to ask questions. This is why the community has sameness. In conclusion, these examples showed why sameness is a negative thing and how the community was like when everyone was the same and everything was done for you. Sameness is negative because everyone is the same and highly genetic, and look alike. Sameness is negative because you would have the leaders of the community choose your own spouse, release people if they don 't follow the laws, can 't love, be loved,
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