The Giver Short Story

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Imagine a futuristic, perfect, and isolated world. Those are only some words to describe the giver. “The Giver.” In a place where problems don 't even exist. Poverty, hunger, climate change, crime. What? There 's no such thing, somewhere where you hear the birds chirping, and you get a moment of peace from the world, you’re out in total isolation away from every other part in the world. It sounds ideal, right? Perfect families, ones that love one another unconditionally. It sounds like a dream. But what if I told you all I said was a lie. That 's right this community is far from being perfect, in fact, it 's the total opposite it 's broken. Beneath all this lies rules that shall not be broken, dark secrets, and the inability to speak one 's mind if one were to be disobeyed there’d be profound consequences, profound. Firstly, we come to meet with Jonas, an 11-year-old living in a futuristic society he is intelligent, emotional, and is strongly gifted. We soon come along to meet his odd family, odd but caring, or at least you would think. Jonas’ dad out of all the frightening things in The Giver, we soon come to the realization that Jonas ' father is the most appalling. He 's a Nurturer, which implies he deals with babies and on occasion he kills them. Jonas ' mom, just like your ordinary mom, a useful, caring mother with a vital job at the Department of Justice. Jonas ' mom considers her work important, planning to help individuals who break rules see the blunder of
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