The Giver Theme Essay

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Memories are Life “A film is - or should be - more like music than like fiction. It should be a progression of moods and feelings. The theme, what 's behind the emotion, the meaning, all that comes later”(Stanley Kubrick). In the story The Giver, there were multiple themes with a meaning. Themes make up a story, and help add emotion and meaning to it. Because of themes, there are layers in a story that will make you more intrigued and make it seem that there is a purpose to the story. The Giver themes were influential to the story and served a large purpose in the outlook on it as well.
One of the major themes that are found in The Giver is pain and pleasure, so you can’t have pain without knowing what pleasure is, and vice versa. A part
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And, a last theme that is located in The Giver is, memories are important because they are the knowledge. In the story, Jonas says, “‘ He killed it, my father killed it”(150). Because Jonas had the memories of killings and death, he was able to realize that what his father was doing is wrong, but since that’s how his father was trained, he didn’t know any better. Another part in the story that explains the importance of memories is when it says, “ In his mind, Jonas saw again the face of the boy who had lain dying on a field and had begged him for water”(134). Through Jonas’ knowledge, he knew the true meaning of the game good guys and bad guys. He knew that it was kind of like war and he didn’t like it because of the pain that war caused. Because of Jonas’ knowledge through the memories, he was able to realize the true meanings of things and how important the memories really are. Throughout The Giver, there were obviously multiple themes, but the three above were the ones that make up the story. Through these themes, feeling and mood was portrayed. They added meaning and emotion to The Giver which made it more interesting and helped to learn more about Jonas and his receiving. Themes make up a story and this made The Giver, a great one to
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