Haiti In Crisis Analysis

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“Choose a life format that is the most desirable to you”(Redhead). In The Giver, written by Lois Lowry, their community is a utopia that provides them many resources, including food, families, education, clothes, jobs, and many other helpful items. In their community, there are rules to follow, and if they disobey them, then they are to be released. In the article “Haiti in Crisis” by Bryan Brown and Patricia Smith, the community is destroyed by Hurricane Matthew, which sends many families to live in caves because their homes are gone. They suffer without food, purified water, everyday needs, and everything they lost in the hurricane. From these ideas stated about both stories, the final conclusion is that The Giver’s community is a more desirable…show more content…
In The Giver people are assigned jobs, which allows no mistakes to be made (Lowry). It sounds horrible to say that the choices are made for someone else, but it actually makes their community more desirable when everyone does their part. In Haiti many of the children and adults have to make choices for themselves when there is a massive destruction because everyone can not help everyone else all the time (Brown & Smith). They have to decide between what food they need because of their loss of money, what ideas are possible to do, and many more difficult decisions. When this happens, it is difficult to control the decisions of making right and wrong choices. Also, in The Giver the different jobs that are assigned make some of the people more successful, like Jonas (Lowry). Jonas is more successful than some of the other kids his age because he knows more about everything that happens. He knows the truths and lies about the community, and he knows what the generations before him have experienced. In Haiti, the nation was forced to pay what is now $23 billion (Brown & Smith). This is now putting an effect on their country because if they do not have the money, they can not rebuild nearly anything again. The nation is not able to pay for any education, which impacts everyone very much. If they do not have the education, they can not read the alerts for evacuation. Making sure that
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