The Giver's Society: Perfection Is The Enemy Of Progress

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Winston Churchill once said “Perfection is the enemy of progress”. Many books have a goal set to perfect the imperfect. The novel The Giver tries to use this mindset in their society by having strict regulations on just about everything. Modern societies nowadays are far from this illusion, but has concepts that resemble this dystopia.
As shown in The Giver, their regulations towards their society are more barbaric than in our society. For instance, if a person made three transgressions that person would be released (Lowry 7-9). Is death really the right punishment if a person makes a petty mistake ? In our society, we have laws and court systems. We believe in the phrase “innocent until proven guilty”. We also sentence time in jail or community service based on our how severe the actions were. Nevertheless, nothing comes close to the inhumane actions from Jonas’ society. Although our society has many differences from Jonas ', both worlds don 't tolerate bad behavior and we both have our own law systems, even though they are very diverse in punishments. Not only is the ruling system in Jonas’ society unfair, the fact that they have to take medicine by force is, too. The medicine takes away their deep emotions so that they are given “robotic feelings”. Unlike our society, where we are given the right to take or not take medication if needed without force. All these rules are cruel compared to our society. Furthermore, in Jonas’ society, everything from spouses to having a

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