The Gladers In The Scorch Reflection

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A short time before this, Thomas had seen Teresa and she told him he had to leave her. Now, he is doing as she ordered and is feeling a heavy weight of hardship being placed upon him. Because he loves her so much, he finds it almost impossible to leave her, but still manages to do it. This passage reflects the author’s message of sometimes you have to do something that is hard in order to get better results in the end. Thomas is running from Teresa, even though he struggles to do it, because he believes in order to be able to see her in the future he has to listen to her now. In middle school when I played basketball I had to practice with all of my effort in order to become a better player for my team. Because I was able to get through the hard part of learning how to play and what techniques to use, I was able to get to the point where playing came to me naturally. While Thomas is thinking over his current situation, he recognizes that his life is not offering many things to be blissful about.…show more content…
But now that Thomas knows what WICKED is capable of, he can only think of what horrible plans might be made for his and friends’ future. This passage reflects the author’s message of the theory of yin yang- right when you believe your life is about to get easier, something corrupt gets in the way to equal out the good and the bad. Now that Thomas has experience with WICKED’s ways, he considers that since they are being treated so nicely they will soon be smacked in the face with something opposite to an easier life. I feel the theory of yin yang when each school year concludes. No school means no getting up early in the morning, no classes, and no studying. Knowing that I won’t have to worry about due dates and tests gives me relief, but then I remember I will have to complete summer homework that is due the first day of
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