The Glass Castle: A Memoir

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Jeannette is the narrator of her own memoir, telling her story from the young age of three into adulthood. Jeannette, a middle child, was daring and lived passionately. Brian, Jeanette's younger brother was very much like her. Since Brian was the only boy he was protective of his sisters and was very independent. Lori, the oldest sibling, was the total opposite of Jeannette and Brian. She was more of a bookworm she preferred indoors than outdoors. She was extremely intelligent and she sided with her mother while blaming her father for the family issues they were having. Maureen, the youngest sibling, is dependent unlike her other siblings. Rose Mary Walls, Jeanette's mom is an independent, free spirited, artist who values self-sufficiency and…show more content…
Like the title of the book “ The Glass Castle: A Memoir” . Jeannette fantasies about the Glass Castle only to slowly realize that the idea was nothing more than a dream based on her illusions about her father. Jeannette is growing up gradually understanding of the world. Jeannette accepts her own, new dreams in response to those of her parents. In the beginning of the story there is a brief scene that foreshadows the tone of the book. Jeannette is embarrassed and ashamed of her parents. In the first chapter it reveals that her parents are homeless while she full of success. From there on Jeanette's tells her past story. The older she gets the more she seems to acknowledge that her dreams were just disillusions. One day when she can’t take it any longer she heads to New York to start anew with her sister Lori; later on Brian and Maureen join the group. At the end Jeannette is forced to examine her own life and realize that while she has distant herself from her parents and her past, part of her thrives on the reckless freedom they implanted in her. She finally reunites with her family after five years and eventually finds peace with her past and her
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