The Glass Castle: Movie Review

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The Glass Castle - novel or movie It’s always hard to comply the expectations, and as a screenplay writer will never be able to make a movie from a book, what every fan of the book loves, kind of impossible. The book The Glass Castle was written by Jeanette Walls, about her childhood, and early adulthood. When the movie came out in August, 2017 it was known that Jeanette Walls has nothing to do with it. She didn’t help write the script, or verify the scenes. Although after she watched it she said she liked it. The screenplay writer was Destin Daniel Cretton, who the director of the film too. The movie has some big names like Naomi Watts (her bigger movies are The Ring or King Kong), and Woody Harrelson (The Hunger Games, Now You See Me). Brie Larson (The Room) plays the role of Jeanette Walls. The trailer shows some big events of the book, but nothing that would be crucial of the movie’s going to be good or bad. The movie has lot of emotion. More than…show more content…
Jeanette Walls has written it in a formal way, no feelings about the past, or the things what happened with her. While reading the book, the things happens, we expect that and you go to the next one, but in the film the thing hit us on the face. Even if this sounds nice, this movie isn’t perfect. Like everybody who ever had a read book, which later came out as a screenplay, feels disappointment after watched it. There is no faultless book-based movie. The movie leaves out more details than it should. There is some movements in the book, which is a turning point, or it has been an interesting. For example the novel gives you a full view of the “yellow bucket” and why is that important. In the film they gave it to Brian, to mention it. The beginning of the Jeanette Walls wrote down her first memorie, when she was 3 years old, and she was cooking hot dogs, while her mom was painting in the room next to her. “[I
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