The Glass Castle By Jeannette Walls And Homer Hickam

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Taylor Grayson
English Honors
Period 1
Task # 1: The Glass Castle
Throughout their lives, every member of the Walls family experienced hardships. Though Jeannette and her three other siblings endured abuse both physically and mentally throughout their childhood, the peculiar ways in which both her mentally unstable parents showed their love and guidance ultimately helped to form these children and shape them into the individuals they are today. While Rex Walls, Jeannette’s alcoholic yet genius father, promised that he would one day create a house for the family made out of glass, his skills in mathematics and science unfortunately were not enough to battle his issues with alcohol and his inability to provide for his family. In the early …show more content…

Jeannette’s parents, while on the mentally unstable side, were always against being even somewhat normal. Though the younger Jeannette, at times, wished that their family could be like everyone else instead of constantly doing the “skee-daddle”, it wasn’t until she grew up that she knew her parents strange ways taught her to be an independent, unique individual. When Rex, Jeannette’s father, threw her in a sulfur spring in attempts to teach her how to swim, Jeannette got extremely upset at him for seemingly trying to drown her. Although his way of teaching her was a bit cruel, she discovered he was only trying to help her. “If you don’t want to sink, you better figure out how to swim,” he told her (Walls 66). Sonny, as well as Coalwood, also came to love the idea of not conforming to society. Since his entire town had never seen or heard of a teenaged boy building rockets, they all rejected his plans. But, he repeatedly went against them, having his rockets built and launched on the mining’s company property. Eventually, he was able to win first place in a national science fair, and become an engineer for NASA. As a newspaper article reported, “There is no more inspiring sight than that of a sleek, silvery BCMA rocket blasting off…” (Hickam 357). Walls, Hickam and Coalwood were ultimately able to identify that there were surprising benefits to

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