The Glass Castle By Jeannette Walls Essay Conclusion

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The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls is a memoir relaying the young life of the author as she struggles to live through poverty with her family. whilst gradually ageing throughout the book, Jeannette has to face the hardships of a normal growing girl while also facing problems that go on behind closed doors. Walls gives the reader hard-to-face tales of growing up, acting as a parent figure to her younger siblings due to neglect, and trying to keep the family financially stable. At the same time, as she becomes more mature and fed up with her home life, she tries to break free from her familial roots and move to New York with her siblings. In spite of the fact that the Walls children raise the money and move to New York, their parents follow them there and decide to live on the streets without a home. Now Walls and her siblings, whom have all moved on from the past, must figure out how to live with the…show more content…
She always saw the good in whatever situation and turned it around. While Jeannette took the time to question almost anything, she also took the time to understand the beauty of everything. This quite perfectly foreshadows the ending to her book. Throughout The Glass Castle Jeannette is facing a battle of creating a pleasant outcomes for each and every tribulation she faces, trudging through the miserable times, but she always wonders what the point of that is if she is just going to end up disappointed again. However, while Jeannette is having this conversation with her mother, she is reminded that her story is not over. The words Rosemary says can be bypassed as her normal, quirky self, but her daughter looks at them as a wake up call. This is the point where Jeannette realizes she doesn’t need to change her family, that the influence they had on her life molded her into who she is. This is when Jeannette lets go of the anger she was holding on to her
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