The Glass Castle By Jeannette Walls Life Lessons

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The memoir, The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls, takes place in the late 20th century. Jeannette Walls has lived a very colorful life. Although she is notable for her works of nonfiction, her upbringing was remarkable. One forgets The Glass Castle is not a work of fiction, but a detailed memoir of her life. In the memoir she writes about her experiences with her dysfunctional family. While constantly moving from place to place, she learns how to survive with very little materials. This meant having little to no toys, little amounts of food, and no house to sleep in. She learned how to enjoy herself with the things around her. She would go on adventures with her younger brother, collect rocks she believed were pretty, and be fascinated with fire. Her family taught her many lessons, some not traditional, but has kept her positive through the hard times. These experiences contributed to her life as a successful adult. Through the example her mother has shown, the lessons she taught herself, and the lessons…show more content…
From setting herself on fire to gunning down a pervert, she had showed her own independence and used her wisdom to solve each conflict she had ever encountered. At a young age of three, Jeannette Walls had set herself on fire while cooking hot dogs. Unknowing to her, while she bent down to offer the treat to her dog, her favorite pink dress caught on fire. This resulted in her having to get skin grafts and a newly developed fascination towards open flames. She’d watch her neighbor burn trash and immediately run over to stare at the red heat. Her fascination of the fire extended to setting her favorite tinkerbell doll on fire. At such a young age, she had realized that there is no point in hiding away from something that had hurt you. At such a young age, she had matured earlier than most children at nine years old. At such a young age, she had learned to get back up to her feet and walk
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