The Glass Castle By Jeannette Walls Research Paper

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The Glass Castle is a memoir by Jeannette Walls. It describes a non-wealthy family that has to move from place to place and has challenges along the way where Jeannette, her brother Brian, and sister Lori are forced to make choices as adults. The Walls children had to be the parents of the house most of the time because Rose Mary and Rex were either never home or just raised there children to be independent and have them do everything on there own. Some choices they had to make as adults were mostly about what they were going to get for food, how to spend their money, and when they lived on their own in New York City. In many ways the Walls children were forced to behave like adults in these cases. The first thing the walls children did as adults was provide themselves with food. When Jeannette was just three years old she already knew how to use the stove to cook herself food. She made herself a hot dog on the stove at age three and she ended up burning herself. (9) When she burnt herself her parents had to bring her to the hospital and Jeannette…show more content…
Lastly having Jeannette and her brother play huge roles as being adults, what stood out to me the most is when they moved out on there own. Her and Brian moved to New York City to be with Lori and they weren 't even old enough to get there own place and move out like that. (245) As soon as they got there Jeannette thought i’d be best to find a job right away. The next day her and Lori took a subway down to Greenwich Village and walked around the streets exploring. Then she found a job at a hamburger joint. (247) Jeannette loved the job and loved the busy hours. Her and Lori then found an apartment which was bigger than Jeannette’s house back on Little Hobart Street. After they found an apartment to live in Jeannette found another job from an internship. It was where you go to school for jobs and internships instead of having actual classes. (248) She leaves to live alone with Lori and learns the ropes of New
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